Tusk Thai and The Salt Escape!

This past weekend Positive Impact Fox Valley¬†member, Paula, set up an awesome evening out as a social event for members. We started the evening at Tusk Thai Cuisine. It’s a BYOB which we actually forgot about until we saw the sign in the window that reminded us. The staff very happily pointed us in the direction of the nearest place we could buy a bottle of wine to enjoy with our meal. A few of our members had never had Thai food before but once again the staff made us feel so welcomed and happily answered all of the questions we had about different menu items. We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals and all agreed that we would definitely come back to Tusk Thai again!

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After a dinner full of good food, company and conversation, we headed across the street for another new experience for majority of us, an hour in a the Salt Cave at The Salt Escape.

There are many benefits of sitting in a room of Himalayan salt. The salt gives off negatively charged ions that improve health and mood. It may help reduce inflammation and mucus in lungs and help improve overall respiratory conditions. It is also very calming and helps detoxify the immune, nervous and lymphatic systems.It can help reduce stress and headaches as well as increase energy levels and sleep patterns. Salt ions purify the air and may increase lung capacity.

In the salt cave at The Salt Escape, you can sit in a zero gravity chair, which will help take pressure off your spine and increase your relaxation while there. You can also sit directly on the salt that covers the floor. If you get a chance to experience the Salt Room, definitely try out sitting directly on the ground. The salt is actually cool to the touch and is actually pretty comfortable!


Everyone of our members who went to the salt room is ready to go back! Tim, the owner of The Salt Escape was very friendly and made us feel right at home as soon as we walked in. He also happened to have his dog, Batman, there with him who is just the sweetest and happily went up to everyone wagging her tail and gave kisses!   We definitely recommend The Salt Escape to anyone who is curious about trying out a salt room!


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