The Little Differences

It’s amazing what people can do with common household items. What is one thing that almost everyone uses on a daily basis?  Water bottles!  Positive Impact Fox Valley has been collecting the plastic water caps from water bottles for a school in Indiana that recycles them into benches.  Yes, benches! 

Along with water bottle caps, PIFV has been collecting box tops and pop tabs for a local elementary school.  We all use products that may have a “box top” or pop tab!  What a great way to help a school get some much needed items. 

When PIFV saw a plea for newspapers from Anderson Animal Shelter, members began saving their newpapers.  We asked family, friends and co-workers to do the save with their old newpapers.  What a great way to recycle and help an organization in need. 

You didn’t have to mention it twice to PIFV members that a local church was in need of food items for their food pantry.  It may not be a lot but every month some members bring in can and box goods to donate to the church.  All these little things that add up to help create a positive impact in our community!

Have you ever thought about how you can make a different one small piece at a time? 

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