Book Club Recap!

PIFV Book Club has been meeting every other month and reading some interesting
books. The most recent book we read and discussed was The Couple Next Door by
Shari Lapena. This book was about an abducted child. The book had some twists and
turns. Members gave this book a rating of A/B. The book was an easy read and
everyone seemed to enjoy it. It’s always interesting to see how the characters relate to
everyday people.

Prior to this book we read Bonfire by Krysten Ritter. This book was about an
environmental lawyer who is haunted by the mean girls who tormented her, the boy who
kissed her, the death of her mom, her abusive dad and every kind of dysfunctional side
effect suffocating small town life has to offer. Members rated this book an A- to B+. It
was an easy read, enjoyable and made you think.

Our next book club will meet in June and we will be reading The Immortalists by Chloe

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