Positive Chain Across Fox Valley

Our Big Reveal! Finally after a rain delay in 2017, we finally made it out to show off our paper chain built with the positive thoughts of the community and friends across the U.S.

We are grateful to the local paper for spreading our positive message. Read the article.

We made it close to 3 times around – our goal was to make it once.

Each strip of paper has a positive message on it. The came from all over the Fox Valley area and some from other states. We also handed out information about bullying.



Operation Warrior Wishes -Golf Outing

We helped the wonderful organization, Operation Warrior Wishes, with their merchandise table and 50/50 raffle. The weather was beautiful and it we had a great time talking to those who served our country.

A big Thank You to the extra volunteers from CDK Global who made this possible.

662 LBS to Local Charities!

This is one of two loads which all together represented a whopping 662 pounds of donations! Thanks to everyone that came to our fundraisers at Zanies and Culvers! YOU helped make this possible!!!! The Elgin Crisis Center and the District 300 Food Pantry were delighted and grateful!

What We’ve Been Up To!

Positive Impact Fox Valley (PIFV) members have been very busy. We have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time.  

In our first ten months PIFV participated, hosted or volunteered in: Shine-A-Light On Lung Cancer, we did a Pampered Chef fundraiser to raise funds for the Elk Grove VFS for their elevator campaign, we received our 501c3 tax status, we volunteered at Casa Kane County’s annual Gala, we attended Pechakucha Elgin, we hosted our kick-off event at Zanies Comedy Club in St. Charles, we volunteered at Open House Elgin, we donated candy to make Easter goodie bags for the Community Crisis Center in Elgin, we volunteered at Feed My Starving Children in Schaumburg.  We volunteered with Operation Warrior Wishes at their annual golf outing, their poker run and their bowling events. We hosted a table at Elgin’s National Night Out where we donated a dental kit (thanks to an anonymous donor) and toothpaste (thanks to local dentists for their donations) to every child who came to our table and a lot of children and adults stopped by to see the Tooth Fairy. We collected pop tops for a school in Indiana who use the pop tops to make benches, box top labels for a local school, dental kits to the Elgin Police Department and newspapers for Anderson’s Animal Shelter.

But, we weren’t just all about volunteering and fundraising.  We attended the movie, Beauty and the Beast, we went to The Salt Cave in Batavia and some of us tried Thai food for the first time at Tusk Thai in Batavia.  Our book club meets every other month. To see which books we have read, please check out our blog. We have hosted several bunco nights and game nights.

For additional details about these events, please read our Ten Month Recap blog.

But, PIFV has not stopped there… This past April we celebrated our one year anniversary of receiving our 501c3 status!  To pick up where our ten month recap leaves off, Positive Impact Fox Valley has been very busy.  We have participated in Casa Kane County’s 7th Annual Super Hero Luncheon, we have volunteered at Anderson’s Animal Shelter annual gala, participated in Kwanza Stories and Celebration at Gail Borden Library where we kicked off our on-going Positive Chain Link.  The purpose of this chain link is to surround Festival Park in positive energy.

Club members have been around town having people write a positive message, or if they were too young to write, they drew a picture on a chain link.  Family and friends from near and far (Idaho, Wisconsin and Texas) helped with filling out positive messages on our chain links as well as two local nursing homes. Thank you to First Federal Savings in Elgin for having our positive chain link displayed at the bank for several months.  The chain link will be assembled and our goal is to wrap it around the field at Festival Park at Elgin’s National Night out this coming August. Currently we have approximately 1,300 links in our positive chain.

Continuing with the fun, we did a Taco Run, a house walk, DOA Escape Room in Villa Park with a Mexican lunch, and we did a club breakfast (since our Cantigny outing got rained out).  We had a fundraiser at Culvers where we also collected positive messages on the chain links. We donated Zoomby books to a local day care center and other organizations. We volunteered again at Casa Kane County’s annual gala and Open House Elgin.


PIFV book club meets every other month for book discussion and, of course, food and drinks; the fun continued with game night and our movie outing to see the movie, Book Club.  Check out our blog for details on the books we have read.  We also volunteered with Animal House Shelter at their fundraiser at the Church Street Brewery Company.

We continued our volunteering with Operation Warrior Wishes at their annual golf outing and we will be at Elgin’s National Night Out (along with a special guest) where we will be displaying our positive thought chain.  If you haven’t filled out a link, please stop by our table that night and fill out a link.

Our biggest undertaking was hosting our first major fundraiser, a Murder Mystery Dinner at Villa Olivia.  We exceeded our goal for ticket and raffle sales. It was a fun night, with everyone dressed in their favorite 80’s costume and the attendees who were picked to be part of the murder mystery did an awesome job and it seemed like they had a ball getting into character.   From this fundraiser, corporate sponsors, donations from other local nonprofit organizations, and donations from friends, family, employers, co-workers and strangers, we were able to make donations to four groups.


The thing that surprises us the most:  The support we have received since we organized as Positive Impact Fox Valley has been over whelming from family and friends and even strangers.   We have received so much financial support and that has helped us keep our fundraising to a minimum. Here’s one example: while shopping for our troops at Walmart, a fellow shopper overheard us and donated $20.00 to our cause.  So a very big thank you to everyone for your support! And, also a big thank you to the donations we received from Facebook from our Anonymous donators. Because of our fundraising and donations we have received, we were able to full fill four local organization’s wish list.


Up For Downs:  Nostalgia commercial popcorn maker, popcorn, bags and a scoop.

National Association for Downs:  Infant and toddler clothing for girls and boys, toys, diapers and accessories.

Family Ideas Network for Downs Syndrome:  Keurig coffee maker; Canon ink paper set and a Canon cartridge set, 7 copies of the book:  Supporting Positive Behavior in Children & Teens with DS and 7 copies of the book: Teaching Reading to Children with DS: Guide for Parents and Teachers.

Military Troop in Qatar (46 members):  Treats such as Oreo cookies, Pringles, Rice Krispie treats, granola bars, life savers, Beef Jerky, individual tuna salad packets; individual lemonade mix, bubble gum, Vaseline, wipes and hand written notes for each platoon member.

The volunteering and the fun does not stop here.  Continue to watch our Facebook page and web site to see what else Positive Impact Fox Valley has in store.



Book Club Recap!

PIFV Book Club has been meeting every other month and reading some interesting
books. The most recent book we read and discussed was The Couple Next Door by
Shari Lapena. This book was about an abducted child. The book had some twists and
turns. Members gave this book a rating of A/B. The book was an easy read and
everyone seemed to enjoy it. It’s always interesting to see how the characters relate to
everyday people.

Prior to this book we read Bonfire by Krysten Ritter. This book was about an
environmental lawyer who is haunted by the mean girls who tormented her, the boy who
kissed her, the death of her mom, her abusive dad and every kind of dysfunctional side
effect suffocating small town life has to offer. Members rated this book an A- to B+. It
was an easy read, enjoyable and made you think.

Our next book club will meet in June and we will be reading The Immortalists by Chloe

Book Club

Positive Impact Fox Valley’s book club meets approximately every other month for book discussion.  To date, we have read: Behind Her Eyes, Firefly Lane, A Gentleman in Moscow and A Man Named Owe.

Members hosting usually like to decorate the room, serve food, play music or anything else that might have been referenced in the book we are discussing.

Some books we have enjoyed a lot more than others. But, we all agree that these books have expanded our horizons and provided us an opportunity to put ourselves in another person’s shoes.

Come join us! Don’t like to read? Members have watched the movie, listened to the book on tape, or read notes online.

It is always an enjoyable night with delicious food, interesting discussions and laughter.

Kwanza Stories & Celebration!

Positive Impact Fox Valley participated at the Kwanza Stories and Celebration on December 9th at the Gail Borden Library.

Currently Positive Impact Fox Valley is working on a Positivity Chain.  We are asking everyone to write a Positive Word or Positive Sentence on a paper chain link. Our goal is to put these chain links together to form one huge chain of positivity to completely circle Festival Park in Elgin.  The entire project is to encourage positivity!

We had a great start to our first Positivity Chain event. Approximately 80 people stopped by our table and filled out a paper chain link with a positive work or thought!  For those too young to write, they shared their positive words by drawing a picture!

Our next Positivity Chain event will be at Culver’s on Randall Road in South Elgin on Wednesday, December 20th from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Stop in and add your Positive Thoughts to our chain! We hope you can also stay for dinner or dessert as a portion of the evening’s sales will benefit Positive Impact Fox Valley!

The Little Differences

It’s amazing what people can do with common household items. What is one thing that almost everyone uses on a daily basis?  Water bottles!  Positive Impact Fox Valley has been collecting the plastic water caps from water bottles for a school in Indiana that recycles them into benches.  Yes, benches! 

Along with water bottle caps, PIFV has been collecting box tops and pop tabs for a local elementary school.  We all use products that may have a “box top” or pop tab!  What a great way to help a school get some much needed items. 

When PIFV saw a plea for newspapers from Anderson Animal Shelter, members began saving their newpapers.  We asked family, friends and co-workers to do the save with their old newpapers.  What a great way to recycle and help an organization in need. 

You didn’t have to mention it twice to PIFV members that a local church was in need of food items for their food pantry.  It may not be a lot but every month some members bring in can and box goods to donate to the church.  All these little things that add up to help create a positive impact in our community!

Have you ever thought about how you can make a different one small piece at a time? 

Anderson’s Animal Shelter Gala 2017

Members from Positive Impact Fox Valley volunteered with Anderson’s Animal Shelter, assisting them with their annual Gala fundraiser.

PIFV donated a Christmas wrapping basket for their raffle and spent the day assembling raffle baskets for their event.

The day of the event, members were on hand to check out raffle winners and assist raffle winners with getting their items to their car. It was very rewarding to be part of Anderson’s Animal Shelter Annual Gala!

Operation Warrior Wishes Bowling Event

A couple of our PIFV club members volunteered at Operation Warrior Wishes 1st Bowling Event.  Participants gathered together at Bowl-Hi Lanes in Huntley for a buffet dinner and several rounds of bowling. 

Our volunteers were there to help sell 50/50 raffle tickets, run the silent action and sell t-shirts and hats. The event continued well into the night with participants signing up for several rounds of Karaoke and signing their favorite songs. 


DOA Escape Room

On Saturday a few of our members traveled to the D.O.A Escape Room in Villa Park. The DOA Escape Room has a variety of different themed rooms for guests to try and escape out of.  Out group chose to try out “The Garage”.  The theme of this room was Al Capone.  Once in the room we had to work together to figure out different clues and puzzles in order to escape.  Though we fell short on escaping in the allotted time we had a fantastic time and are looking forward to doing another escape room in the future.



10 Months Recap!

Positive Impact Fox Valley (PIFV) has been active since November 2016 and officially became a 501c3 organization in early 2017.  In these ten short months, PIFV has participated in many different events.


Before we formally became PIFV, members attended Shine-A-Light On Lung Cancer in November 2016.   This is an annual event to honor those living with lung cancer and those who we have lost to the disease.  In December 2016, we enjoyed a family holiday dinner followed with a grab bag!


At the beginning of the New Year, PIFV began earnestly working on our 501c3 status. By-laws were written, re-written, and approved by members.  After some research, application was made for our 501c3 status.


Waiting for our official tax letter did not stop PIFV.  In March, members volunteered at Casa Kane County’s Annual Gala.   Casa is a non-profit volunteer organization that has been advocating for the best interests of abused and neglected children within the juvenile court system.


With a little volunteering came a little fun!   Our next outing was to see the movie, Beauty & the Beast!  Members enjoyed the movie; not to mention the popcorn!    Everyone has a story and they were told at Pechakucha Elgin.  This was an interesting evening where anyone could tell their story as long as they did it in the 20 images for 20 second format.


April may have brought us showers, but it also brought us to PIFV’s Zanies kick-off event!   The evening was filled with laughter, drinks and snacks.   We are very grateful to all of our family and friends who attended the event or sent in a donation to help us get PIFV on its way!  Volunteers participated in Open House Elgin which was a city wide event to show case Elgin’s amazing architecture and history.  PIFV didn’t stop there…we all bought candy and goodies to fill Easter Bags to donate to the Community Crisis Center!   We continued with our volunteering at Feed My Starving Children in Schaumburg.   FMSC is a non-profit organization that provides nutritionally complete meals for malnourished children in over 70 countries around the world.


After the busy April we had volunteering with a number of organizations we decided it was time for some R&R.   A few PIFV members tried Thai food for the first time!  And after a delicious dinner we all headed to The Salt Cave in Batavia.   What a relaxing way to spend an hour.  We all left feeling refreshed!


In June, PIFV hit the road!    Members volunteered with Operation Warrior Wishes Poker Run by selling raffle tickets, 50/50, running games, and selling Operation Warrior Wishes apparel.


In July, PIFV volunteered once again with Operation Warrior Wishes Annual Golf Outing.  This time we helped organize raffle baskets, sell raffle and 50/50 tickets, apparel and assist with the silent auction.  It was an honor to volunteer at an event that was all about our Vets!


PIFV didn’t take the summer off.   In August, you found PIFV at Elgin’s National Night Out!  This is an annual community event that promotes police-community partnerships to raise awareness on safety in our communities.  PIFV handed out over 400 dental kits to all the children who stopped by our table.   Not only did they get a dental kit but they also had an opportunity to have their picture taken with the tooth fairy and our selfie portrait!  The call came that Elk Grove’s VFW was raising funds for a much needed elevator.  A quick Pampered Chef fundraiser was put together by one of our members!   Once again, members, family and friends came through with purchases and donations!


In addition to all of these events, PIFV meets once a month. Throughout the year, PIFV members are collecting box tops, Campbell’s soup labels, newspapers, plastic water bottle caps, pop tabs and boxed and can food to donate to various schools and churches.


And, we can’t forget to mention PIFV’s Book Club.   Members vote on a book to read and meet every other month at someone’s home to discuss the books.   Our diverse group makes for interesting discussions!  And, if that still wasn’t enough, we can’t forget to mention our Bunco Nights and our Game Nights.  Bunco is a friendly dice game that includes dice, a bell, and a lot of table hopping and of course drinks and appetizers!   PIFV Game Night has taught us all a few new games and is always a lot of laughs!!


It has been a very full ten months, but it has also been very rewarding!  Positive Impact Fox Valley is definitely making a positive impact in our community.


To see what PIFV has scheduled be sure to check out our calendar on our web page and like us on our Facebook page.

Elgin’s National Night Out 2017

On August 1st, Positive Impact Fox Valley (PIFV) participated in Elgin’s National Night Out.  National Night Out is an annual community building event that promotes police-community partnerships to raise awareness on safety in our communities.


Before the event, PIFV members were hard at work!  PIFV received a donation of 900 dental kits!  These kits included: a toothbrush, toothbrush cap, dental floss, and a timer. Members wrote and sent out letters to local hotels, dentists, and retailers requesting travel size toothpaste to put into the kits as well.  Once again, our community supported our efforts with five dentist offices and one retail store donating the 900 travel sized toothpastes we needed!  The week before National Night Out, members had fun putting the toothpaste in all 900 kits as well as our logo stickers on each of the kits.   We also got our table decor/activities prepped and ready for the children to work on at our table.  Other members prepared the “selfie” frame as well.  The preparation for National Night Out was a whole team effort with all hands on deck and we had a blast preparing for it!


[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”6″ gal_title=”Dental Kits”]


On August 1st, PIFV hosted a table: “Make Brushing Amazing”.  We had a special guest present….our very own Tooth Fairy who helped to greet all the children who stopped by our table!  The children were so excited to take pictures with the tooth fairy! Every child that stopped by our booth was able to receive one of the dental kits for free!  Children were also able to complete a number of activity pages that had to do with dental health!  Families also enjoyed taking “selfies” with our “selfie” frame!  Our “selfie” frame decorated with all of the names of the dentist offices who donated toothpaste for our kits.  Many families were able to get plenty of recommendations for a dentist in their community!


[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”7″ gal_title=”NNO 2017″]


Special Thanks to our toothpaste donators: Associates for Oral, Max & Impl. Surgery, Bender Dental Care, Northeast Family Dental Care, Miller Dentistry, and Thornwood Dental.

Overall, National Night Out was a HUGE success!  We are excited for next year!

4th Annual Warrior Wishes Scramble

On July 24th a number of Positive Impact Fox Valley members volunteered at Operation Warrior Wishes 4th Annual Golf Outing in St. Charles.  Actually, our volunteering for this event began a few months earlier.  Letters were sent out to numerous local establishments soliciting donations for the raffle.  Letters were mailed and pick ups were made.  The week prior to the event, members organized the raffle donations and put them into beautiful raffle baskets.   Ribbons, labels and description finished the baskets.

The night before the event a few members and their husbands were on hand to set up the raffle tables and help prepare for the golf outing the next day.

The day of the event began very early in the morning.  Positive Impact Fox Valley members helped with registration, selling raffle and 50/50 raffle tickets, selling Operation Warrior Wishes apparel and anything else that needed to be done.

A few members set up at the first hole where they welcomed the golfers and sold 50/50 raffle tickets.  The view from the first hole was beautiful!

The day didn’t end at the end of the golf outing…it continued with dinner, raffles, 50/50 and a silent auction.  Members were on hand to assist with all of the events at dinner.

Over and over again warriors and golfers thanked us for volunteering.   But, as we repeated to them…….No, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICES!

It was a very long day but one of the most full filling events we have volunteered at.

Operation Warrior Wishes Motorcycle Run

A couple of our club members volunteered at Operation Warrior Wishes 1st Annual Motorcycle Run.

It was a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride. Participants began at The Roadhouse Bar & Grill in Yorkville, IL and made the rounds to a number of different venues. At each venue our volunteers were there to help sell 50/50 raffles; raffle tickets and run games. The event ended back at The Roadhouse where everyone could enjoy live music and delicious food. Members also continued to sell 50/50 raffles, T-Shirts and hats.


Motorcycle Run

Click here to learn more about Operation Warrior Wishes.


Tusk Thai and The Salt Escape!

This past weekend Positive Impact Fox Valley member, Paula, set up an awesome evening out as a social event for members. We started the evening at Tusk Thai Cuisine. It’s a BYOB which we actually forgot about until we saw the sign in the window that reminded us. The staff very happily pointed us in the direction of the nearest place we could buy a bottle of wine to enjoy with our meal. A few of our members had never had Thai food before but once again the staff made us feel so welcomed and happily answered all of the questions we had about different menu items. We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals and all agreed that we would definitely come back to Tusk Thai again!

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”3″ gal_title=”Tusk Thai”]

After a dinner full of good food, company and conversation, we headed across the street for another new experience for majority of us, an hour in a the Salt Cave at The Salt Escape.

There are many benefits of sitting in a room of Himalayan salt. The salt gives off negatively charged ions that improve health and mood. It may help reduce inflammation and mucus in lungs and help improve overall respiratory conditions. It is also very calming and helps detoxify the immune, nervous and lymphatic systems.It can help reduce stress and headaches as well as increase energy levels and sleep patterns. Salt ions purify the air and may increase lung capacity.

In the salt cave at The Salt Escape, you can sit in a zero gravity chair, which will help take pressure off your spine and increase your relaxation while there. You can also sit directly on the salt that covers the floor. If you get a chance to experience the Salt Room, definitely try out sitting directly on the ground. The salt is actually cool to the touch and is actually pretty comfortable!


Everyone of our members who went to the salt room is ready to go back! Tim, the owner of The Salt Escape was very friendly and made us feel right at home as soon as we walked in. He also happened to have his dog, Batman, there with him who is just the sweetest and happily went up to everyone wagging her tail and gave kisses!   We definitely recommend The Salt Escape to anyone who is curious about trying out a salt room!


More about Positive Impact Fox ValleyConnect with us!

Open Elgin 2017

On April 27, 2017 a few of Positive Impact Fox Valley members volunteered at Open Elgin, a city wide event to showcase Elgin’s amazing architecture and history.The event gave everyone a chance to walk inside some of Elgin’s historical buildings which may not normally be open to the public.Positive Impact Fox Valley Member's helping Open Elgin Event


Positive Impact Fox Valley was lucky enough to be assigned to Al’s Café and Creamery.  The building they are in is a Victorian style building built in 1892 and known for their malts and milk shakes.Al's Cafe Exterior


We were provided with a fact sheet on the building but the stories that most people were very interested in were the memories that one of our member shared about growing up in Elgin “back in the day”.


One memory that she shared with everyone was back in the 1960’s, Elgin HS students hung out at Burns Drug Store (which was off of Bluff City Blvd. in the southern part of Elgin) to flirt and eat ice cream.  Burns had a special Malt recipe that was copyrighted and they never shared the Malt recipe with anyone.Positive Impact Members Giving tours at Open Elgin


Maroon field was just around the block where the team practiced and where football games were played.  After practice they would meet at Burns.  It was a custom at some point during the year for the football team to have a contest to see who could drink the most malts.  The record as far as we know is one person having 8 malts.


Eventually, the Burns brothers retired and sold Burns Drug Store and sold the special Malt recipe to Al’s Café.


If you have never had a malt or milk shake from Al’s Café, we strongly encourage you to stop in and have one, you’ll be hooked!

Feed My Starving Children

Positive Impact Fox Valley recent had an opportunity to volunteer with Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) a non-profit organization that provides nutritionally complete meals for malnourished children. Founded in 1987 in Minnesota by a Christian businessman, FMSC has produced nearly 900 million meals and shipped them to over 70 countries around the world!


Feed My Starving Children has their practice down to a science! They give an overview of the company and what FMSC is all about, show you a how to video to help prepare you for the work that needs to be completed.


Packing meals might not sound like the most exciting way to spend a weekend afternoon, but FMSC Staff keeps the energy of the room pumping with fun music and gives everyone a certain number of boxes to pack which make it a fun competition between the tables of people packing food.



[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”4″ gal_title=”Feed My Starving Children”]

Easter Baskets 2017

Positive Impact Fox Valley members are always thinking about ways to make a difference in our community. With Easter coming up, few of our members got together to create little Easter Basket bags for the Community Crisis Center.  The Community Crisis Center was founded in 1975 and have been helping families through difficult times such as domestic violence, sexual assault, or economic/financial difficulties. It’s truly a great organization that does so much for the Fox Valley area!  We hope that these little goodie bags brought some smiles to the families children who are currently being helped at the center. We collected pencils, stickers, plastic Easter eggs, temporary tattoos and candy to fill the bags with!


CASA Kane County Annual Gala 2017

CASA Kane County is a non-profit volunteer organization that has been advocating for the best interests of abused and neglected children within the Juvenile Court system since 1988.


Every year they host their annual Gala event to help raise funds further that benefit CASA Kane county and the children they serve. A few of our members gave their time to help with their 2017 Gala, Diamonds are Forever – 007 James Bond, hosted at the Q Center in St. Charles, IL. It was a spectacular evening and we are proud we were able to help such a great organization!


Shine A Light On Lung Cancer 2016

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month.  Healthcare facilities around the country host a program called Shine A Light on Lung Cancer.


A few members of Positive Impact Fox Valley attended this annual Shine A Light on Lung Cancer vigil at Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Hoffman Estates.


The evening begins with health care professionals sharing updates on treatment options, clinical trials and support programs.  It quickly takes a very emotional turn as lung cancer survivors and caregivers share their stories and their hope to those dealing with lung cancer.


Shine A Light on Lung Cancer events are intended to honor all those living with lung cancer and those who we have lost to this disease. For more information on Lung Cancer awareness and Shine a Light on Lung Cancer events near you, please visit www.lungcanceralliance.org

We hold this even very close to our hearts as one of our own members is a lung cancer survivor. <3