What We’ve Been Up To!

Positive Impact Fox Valley (PIFV) members have been very busy. We have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time.  

In our first ten months PIFV participated, hosted or volunteered in: Shine-A-Light On Lung Cancer, we did a Pampered Chef fundraiser to raise funds for the Elk Grove VFS for their elevator campaign, we received our 501c3 tax status, we volunteered at Casa Kane County’s annual Gala, we attended Pechakucha Elgin, we hosted our kick-off event at Zanies Comedy Club in St. Charles, we volunteered at Open House Elgin, we donated candy to make Easter goodie bags for the Community Crisis Center in Elgin, we volunteered at Feed My Starving Children in Schaumburg.  We volunteered with Operation Warrior Wishes at their annual golf outing, their poker run and their bowling events. We hosted a table at Elgin’s National Night Out where we donated a dental kit (thanks to an anonymous donor) and toothpaste (thanks to local dentists for their donations) to every child who came to our table and a lot of children and adults stopped by to see the Tooth Fairy. We collected pop tops for a school in Indiana who use the pop tops to make benches, box top labels for a local school, dental kits to the Elgin Police Department and newspapers for Anderson’s Animal Shelter.

But, we weren’t just all about volunteering and fundraising.  We attended the movie, Beauty and the Beast, we went to The Salt Cave in Batavia and some of us tried Thai food for the first time at Tusk Thai in Batavia.  Our book club meets every other month. To see which books we have read, please check out our blog. We have hosted several bunco nights and game nights.

For additional details about these events, please read our Ten Month Recap blog.

But, PIFV has not stopped there… This past April we celebrated our one year anniversary of receiving our 501c3 status!  To pick up where our ten month recap leaves off, Positive Impact Fox Valley has been very busy.  We have participated in Casa Kane County’s 7th Annual Super Hero Luncheon, we have volunteered at Anderson’s Animal Shelter annual gala, participated in Kwanza Stories and Celebration at Gail Borden Library where we kicked off our on-going Positive Chain Link.  The purpose of this chain link is to surround Festival Park in positive energy.

Club members have been around town having people write a positive message, or if they were too young to write, they drew a picture on a chain link.  Family and friends from near and far (Idaho, Wisconsin and Texas) helped with filling out positive messages on our chain links as well as two local nursing homes. Thank you to First Federal Savings in Elgin for having our positive chain link displayed at the bank for several months.  The chain link will be assembled and our goal is to wrap it around the field at Festival Park at Elgin’s National Night out this coming August. Currently we have approximately 1,300 links in our positive chain.

Continuing with the fun, we did a Taco Run, a house walk, DOA Escape Room in Villa Park with a Mexican lunch, and we did a club breakfast (since our Cantigny outing got rained out).  We had a fundraiser at Culvers where we also collected positive messages on the chain links. We donated Zoomby books to a local day care center and other organizations. We volunteered again at Casa Kane County’s annual gala and Open House Elgin.


PIFV book club meets every other month for book discussion and, of course, food and drinks; the fun continued with game night and our movie outing to see the movie, Book Club.  Check out our blog for details on the books we have read.  We also volunteered with Animal House Shelter at their fundraiser at the Church Street Brewery Company.

We continued our volunteering with Operation Warrior Wishes at their annual golf outing and we will be at Elgin’s National Night Out (along with a special guest) where we will be displaying our positive thought chain.  If you haven’t filled out a link, please stop by our table that night and fill out a link.

Our biggest undertaking was hosting our first major fundraiser, a Murder Mystery Dinner at Villa Olivia.  We exceeded our goal for ticket and raffle sales. It was a fun night, with everyone dressed in their favorite 80’s costume and the attendees who were picked to be part of the murder mystery did an awesome job and it seemed like they had a ball getting into character.   From this fundraiser, corporate sponsors, donations from other local nonprofit organizations, and donations from friends, family, employers, co-workers and strangers, we were able to make donations to four groups.


The thing that surprises us the most:  The support we have received since we organized as Positive Impact Fox Valley has been over whelming from family and friends and even strangers.   We have received so much financial support and that has helped us keep our fundraising to a minimum. Here’s one example: while shopping for our troops at Walmart, a fellow shopper overheard us and donated $20.00 to our cause.  So a very big thank you to everyone for your support! And, also a big thank you to the donations we received from Facebook from our Anonymous donators. Because of our fundraising and donations we have received, we were able to full fill four local organization’s wish list.


Up For Downs:  Nostalgia commercial popcorn maker, popcorn, bags and a scoop.

National Association for Downs:  Infant and toddler clothing for girls and boys, toys, diapers and accessories.

Family Ideas Network for Downs Syndrome:  Keurig coffee maker; Canon ink paper set and a Canon cartridge set, 7 copies of the book:  Supporting Positive Behavior in Children & Teens with DS and 7 copies of the book: Teaching Reading to Children with DS: Guide for Parents and Teachers.

Military Troop in Qatar (46 members):  Treats such as Oreo cookies, Pringles, Rice Krispie treats, granola bars, life savers, Beef Jerky, individual tuna salad packets; individual lemonade mix, bubble gum, Vaseline, wipes and hand written notes for each platoon member.

The volunteering and the fun does not stop here.  Continue to watch our Facebook page and web site to see what else Positive Impact Fox Valley has in store.



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